Repairs & Restoration


I can undertake a wide variety of repair work and you can be assured that the materials and methods used will be matched to the type of repair that is necessary. All work is discussed with you before it is started and where possible alternative options will be suggested.


We undertake a great deal of restoration work for individuals as well as collectors and museums. Items that need to be given some 'special' care and attention can be considered. We work with individuals to plan 'house styles' for the mounting and display of their medals and in some cases refer to old photographs to recreate restored medals to appear as they once did when they were worn. We undertake the research and re-create special 'one off' items such as suspenders to match regimental styles or period designs.


Prices for this service are impossible to list here but advice is free and I will endeavour to give a 'guide price' before work is accepted. Once we have had a chance to see the problem for ourselves, we will give a definite price, and will not start unless you agree the work. You will need to contact us with details of your requirements and to check 'turnaround time'.

A digital photo or a scanned image is often a help with requests for this particular service.


Postage and insurance will be added to all the above prices and will be quoted at the time of the order.