We offer a complete service for Mounting all medals and if required, the mounting of a range of additional items such as badges, buttons, shoulder titles, photographs. Detailed information about medals and service details together with advice on research. Talk to us and you will see what is possible!

Frames are glazed, solid hardwood and medals will be cleaned, re-ribboned and mounted on a coloured backing material, agreed at the time of order. Usually this material is a colour linked to the regiment, unit or service that the individual was associated with.

Engraved Name Plates

Engraved name plates in a range of materials from solid brass to laminates with a variety of finishes are available for inclusion in the frame. Any size of plate is possible and the amount of information to be included will directly affect the eventual price of the plate.

Component Sourcing

Original badges and motifs can be included and if missing I can source almost anything in both original and copy versions. The same applies to missing medals and I can suggest options for the replacement of any that are missing at the time I undertake the work.

Digital Photo Service

When it comes to photographs, many clients request the return of original and sentimental photos and I offer a full digital photo service to copy and if necessary 're-touch', re-size and repair old and damaged originals. This is a time consuming but much appreciated part of the work I offer.


As the work is so varied and more complex than just 'putting together' a few medals, the price for the work is virtually as unique as the work undertaken.

Prices can start at £20 but as with all my work you are advised to contact me, give me details of what you want and I will give you an estimate for the work and an idea of 'turnaround time'. Just e-mail your requirements.


Postage and insurance will be added to all the above prices and will be quoted at the time of the order.

Order of Wearing

Order of Wearing of your medals is checked against current advice, see: The UK Honours System

NB: Medals intended for display purposes only can be so ordered to include 'unofficial medals' and those where 'permission to wear' has not formally been granted.